Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Concerned about Curious George

Curious has been having progressively worse and worst trouble breathing while sleeping at night. I have been trying to get appointments to help with this issue. Last week we saw Dr. Tagge's assistant a great ENT and he scheduled surgery for Curious to have his Tonsils and Adenoids removed, and tubes put in his ears. This appointment is not until June 25th. I was glad to have the appointment but felt anxious that it was not soon enough.

So I called my family doctor Potter and asked his staff if they could send me with an Oxygen tester or oxmitery test I took it home last night and taped its sensor to his little finger. Curious was mad at something when I did so his heart rate showed it. But in a surprisingly short amount of time it dropped to 40. This is a fact I forgot to tell the doctor today, Curious had greatly fluctuating heart rates even when awake. I then proceeded to not sleep as I watched his oxygen and heart levels. His oxygen looked much better then I expected, it was ranging between 95 and 80, which is not good but better then I expected. But his heart rate was distressing to me. It went from 140 ish to as low as 22 when I was looking, and many times this change in rate was in a matter of seconds. I went online and found that his heart rate for his age should range between 60-150. So he was not maxing out at the top, but goodness, he was dropping so low. Can a person go any lower and still be alive? I wondered to myself.

Then today we went to go and see Dr. Potter. After looking over the results he wrote a cover letter to both Curious's ENT and his Cardiologist and faxed it with the oximirty test results. Also Potter advised me to call both doctors and see if telling them the results would encourage them to set quicker appointments for him. The results of the oximitery were lowest oxygen level 79, and lowest heart rate 20 (goodness, if that don't cause worry I do not know what does.) I left a voicemail for Tagge's head nurse, and got ahold of someone who emailed Dr Williams. I am going to call again first thing in the morning.

While worrying about the test results I asked Dr. Potter what should I do between now and when the other specialists can see Curious. He said not to let him sleep alone. And was glad to hear that Curious sleeps with me. But he also said that it was not bad enough that Curious need to go to the hospital.

Later I reconsidered his opinion. I know that when Kerry takes her little baby into the Emergency room for troubles breathing they will not let her leave the hospital unless her little girls oxygen level is 90 or higher. Many times Issy in the low 80's has been put on oxygen. So inother words if I took Curious into the hospital while he was asleep they would not let him leave.

Later in the day I picked up Granny from the Airport and she noticed that Curious has labored breathing even while sitting in his car seat awake.

Dr. Williams the cardiologist told us that it was most likely that Curious's heart murmur would close on its own by the time he was two. But Curious's pediatrician and our family doctor both tell us that it is not closed yet. So under normal circumstances we would go and see Dr. Williams when Curious turned two.

But if Curious's heart started to have troubles supporting his body as it got bigger we might notice him having troubles with eating, and breathing. Thus his difficulty breathing while asleep, and apparently normally, is a sign of his heart not being able to support his body since it has grown.

Which I think means that Curious is in for heart surgery. Already Curious is in for his ENT surgery. And he needs dental surgery. Ideally they try to avoid surgery before a child is two. How many surgeries can a little tiny boy take?? Each and every one of these surgeries would involve general anesthesia. I hate the idea of general anesthesia. HATE IT. Now how am I suppose to feel about the need for it three times, and with a breathing and heart problem?

It is going to be a long night tonight as I watch Curious's every breath. Jeff is on oxygen at night for his difficulties breathing, he is already working on a setting the oxygen up for Curious instead. And Jeff plans to call Dr. Potter tomorrow and insist on putting Curious on oxygen at night. Also Jeff wants me to request that at any or all surgeries that there be a specialist there just to watch Curious's oxygen and heart rate.

Jeff and our neighbor Jeff just gave Curious a blessing. It did give me peace. Curious was blessed with health and strength. He was blessed that he would respond well to treatment. His doctors were blessed that they would be inspired by the Lord and know how to help him. And he was blessed that he will be healthy and strong. Also he was blessed that he would grow with strength in the Lord and will follow his teachings.


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