Saturday, January 12, 2008



A.K.A. Perfect Little Angel, Lil' Helper, Angel (when I type it wrong :), Wendy, Oldest Daughter, 8yoDD.

Hi, I'm Angel. I have brown hair. Oh, I mean honey blond, Blue eyes and peach skin.

I'm starting to get a love of reading. One of my favorite books is Three Stories You can Read to Your Cat. The reason why is because it reminds me of my little brother Curious George. I HIGHLY suggest you read that.

My favorite color is baby blue, and baby pink. (She just much like babies.)

My Aunt Christine had a baby named Skylin

My favorite candy is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. My best friend is Khali. We've been friends since I was two, and she was one.

I'm working on earning enough money to buy a best friend necklace. After we save up enough money to go to a trip to the zoo.

Did I say I was eight years old? When I was baptised into the L.D.S. Church I felt a large spot of mistakes I have done, come off of my sholder.

When I grow up I would like to be a scientist, or a zoo keeper, or a really good ballerina. Thats all.

Love, Little Angel



Tumbler, Best Acrobat in the world, Artist, Wall Climber, Head Stander, Tiger Lilly, Second Daughter, 6yoDD

Hi, I'm The Best Wall Climber. I LOVE Chocolate. I'm six. And I slipped (she says on the floor).

I have no tooth in the middle of my mouth. My Papa put a string on the door knob and my Mama put a rag on her shoulder. And my Papa tied the string to my, um, tooth. And then it fell out. And the Tooth Fairy didn't take my tooth. But I got the money.
And I copy myself allot.

I have brown skin, the darkest eyes of ever, and black hair. Where does my black hair go to. Um, right here, it goes to the middle of my back. And soon I hope my hair gets down to my tippy toes.

My favorite Mama is Mama. My favorite sister is Hugs and Angel. And my favorite Mama is Mama, *giggle* *giggle* *giggle*, thats so funny. ( "Again" Angel says. "Yes that's because I love her so much" Says Tumbelina) My favorite animal is horses. My favorite color is pink. And my favorite brother is Curious George, the cute little face .

Um, for fun, for fun, for fun (she is thinking of what she likes to do for fun). I LOVE to sneak. I want to tell them more about that stuff. Write that! Um, So... Can I give you a hug Mama, write that down.

I'm good at scaring Curious George. I'm good at waking up in the morning. I wake up before everyone else in the house, and nobody's awake. How can you type that fast Mama?

Some day I hope I have a kitten. I hope I can be um, a, dentist.

When it is scripture time I sit down and listen. I read perfectly in the scriptures. And I love helping Curious George.




AKA. Best Hugger, Hug-a-lot, Hug-a-lot bear, Tinkerbell, Third Daughter, 5yoDD

Hi! I am Best Hugger. I'm 5, I have blond hair, blue eyes, and peach skin. And my favorite color is purple, actually that's just one, and another one of my favorite colors is pink, and another is green, light green, and another one of my favorite colors is rose red. That's all, Oh, Wait, that is not all, I have baby blue too. That's all of my favorite colors, I have allot.

I Like purple roses. One thing I like to do is draw princesses. Uh huh!

Ok, Let me think. My favorite animal is a koala. That's why I asked for a koala from Santa. And it was a Webkins.

Let me think again. And draw cute animals is one of my favorite things. Let me think, because I have to think out loud. And.... I said And (Mama forgot to start typing when she started talking :), And I like to play dress-ups with my friends. That's all my favorite things to do.

What I like to do in homeschool is, I like to read books.

I want to be when I grow up, um... (her eyes are looking up at the ceiling while she thinks), I want to be a captain of a ship.

That's all I want to say, Good-Bye

Curious George

Curious George

A.K.A. Curious, The Cute Face, Bob the Builder, Peter Pan, Fish (from Chicken Little), The Boy, Little Man, 2yoDS

"Hello, Hi, Hello and Hi." Says Curious

What do you look like: Curious George

What color is your hair: Uh, Blond. *giggle* I have a blond hair.

What color are your eyes: Uh Green, (actually they are blue :)

How old are you: He holds up two fingers.

What do you like to play with: Trains.

Tell me more about your trains: Thomas, um my remote control train.

Where did you get your trains from: From Santa

Can you tell me about Santa: Santa? I don't know his name (*giggle*). The kids, I talked about Santa. I says "can I have a train Santa?" And Santa says "yes you can have a train. But curious George is going to be happy." Curious says "Uh Huh, I am going to be happy Santa, I know."

Can you tell me what animals you like: How about a lion. I got lions and lions, bof of lions, I got couple of lions, and kitty cats, (he blinks his eyes cute)

"You good pushing your buttons." He says to me about my typing

"I'm tired, I'm tired of Santa. I want to lay down with my blanket."

Curious George lays down for a little while with his silky, his sippy cup, a pillow, a blanket, and a loving kiss from his Mama (that's the life :). And after a short while he says "I got to keep building (he is dressed as bob the builder) I got to turn on the light".

Thank you Curious George for talking good.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flipped for Sea Monkeys!

Sea-Monkey Face

In The Beginning

Papa plays an online game that he has to check into often to feed his troops. He started calling his troops his sea monkeys, he would say things like "got to go feed my sea monkeys" etc. My children started asking questions, which of course, in true Homeschool fashion, lead to us owning pet sea monkeys.

Starting Sea-Monkey Ocean ZooJust Follow the Instructions Carefully...

We carefully read over the instructions, and followed them to a T. Within a few days "OH JOY" we had teeny tiny little wiggly dots. We watched those dots grow into specks, then specks with tails, then creatures, then creatures with wings, then we could see the spindles of the wings. The first dot did lots of loop-de-loops and grew bigger then many of the others, we called him Squiggly. Then we got another named Nemo, and finally the runt was named Pinocchio. We had nine sea monkeys live to adult hood, and were surprised when they first started to mate. We called it getting married, and wondered if the mated pair would always stay stuck together. The did not, and afterwards the tank was swarming with lots of little wiggly dots. We began to imagine with delight the tank full of wiggling pink creatures.

But What if the Instructions are Too Simple...

But day after day we noticed the wiggling dots got fewer and fewer, until there were no more left. I thought that maybe they were being eaten because the adults were under fed, but feeding did not seem to make a difference. None of our thousands of babies were living, we still had the original 9. I know the solution....

Buy more stuff...

Our Ghostly Gallon came shipped from Amazon in a large and colorful box. The kids were jumping up and down as I opened it with anticipation. This set came with an aqua leash, a million bubble wand, and a plasma packet, not to mention a few cool extras like a built in light and glow in dark tank we were TOTALLY SET UP!

The Master Plan..

  1. Set up the Ghostly Gallon with the starter packet 1.
  2. Let it sit over night, just like the instruction say.
  3. Then... Transfer the our 9 monkeys to the ghostly gallon, because it is cooler.
  4. Put the egg pack in the original plain tank.
  5. Wait for the eggs to hatch wiggly dots.
  6. Wait for the wiggly dots to grow up to medium small monkeys.
  7. Transfer the larger sea-monkeys to the Ghostly Gallon.
  8. Thus diversifying the population.
  9. Continue to keep the babies separate from the adults.

The Best Laid Plans of Monkeys and Men...

When we transferred the adult monkeys they swam and squiggled much more then normal, it scared us, we thought they were experiencing throws of pain and death. We quickly transferred them back. Sea-Monkey #1 bites the dust, or maybe not, is it an Elvis Monkey? I think we squished Elvis with the aqua leash, he (actually a she, our largest she) curled up and laid on the bottom of the tank almost lifeless. But close examination showed us that he was still alive. IDEA! The Plasma said that it was like medicine for the sea monkeys. We added one recommended larger scoop to the tank. Guess what? All the sea-monkeys started to dance around the tank. Same as before when we put them in the ghostly gallon but we read or learned that they move faster if the salt level is right. Elvis got better and started dancing also....

Is it a Ghost Monkey?

But the next morning Elvis was sited again on the bottom of the tank, dead. And we counted only 8 monkeys. Did we throw away the monkey body, we don't remember, why did it show back up later, or maybe it didn't, did Elvis even die? GHOST MONKEY TO BE CONTINUED...

Back on Track...

The new eggs got the plush new ghostly gallon, because we were to timid to try moving the original 9 again. And they loved it and thrived, baby wiggly dots everywhere. I think almost three dozen lived to medium size. We got up our courage to again transfer the medium babies over to live with the adults.

Was that Elvis?

Before we transferred the medium babies, DH counted the adult sea-monkeys..... There were 9 again. Was that Elvis? Your guess is as good as mine... The medium monkeys lived well with the larger monkeys. All was good and happy...

And Then..

Two of our older sea-monkeys mated, shortly afterwards little babies dots filled the tank. I started the great sea-monkey baby rescue. And that is when I made the #1 mistake that kills sea-monkeys. Once all the 2nd set of babies were out of the ghostly gallon I started to transfer over the original 9 and the largest of the medium sea-monkeys, so that the new babies in our plain red tank could get a chance to live. When I transferred them over they seemed to HATE the fact that the bottom of their tank was not littered with gunk, or what ever settles to the bottom. Earlier we decided that the strange upside down dance the monkeys did on the bottom of the tank was all in search of food. So, I thought the solution was simple, simply add a large amount of food to the water and let it settle to the ground so they can play in it like they seem to like.


First we lost Pinocchio, my youngest and most emotional daughters favorite. Mine too, he was so red, large, "fluffy" and beautiful.... Well, large and beautiful for a sea-monkey. Then we lost Squiggly, Nemo, and our 2nd favorite, a large male with a wonderful crown of fringe on his head. Sob!

"That is what you get for naming fish food" DH says.

We also lost a few medium ones. All the monkeys that were "suspected" to be dead were placed in a paper cup with a small amount of water. Then all of us took a death watch over them, hoping one, any of them would just wiggle a little bit and show us they were alive still. We left the cup out on the counter over night, to sad to flush them. The next morning "Two are wiggling" exclaims my second daughter. They revived and continue to live happy lives, such survivors. But we lost seven of our nine adults. Now we have about a dozen medium ones, and a hand full of wiggly specks of babies. Almost back where we started.

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

.... But Elvis Still Lives ... See my Side Bar

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Friend The Monster

My Friend The Monster
Our vacuum is a monster
Who gobbles up the dirt.
He gulps up paper, strings, and grass
As if they were dessert.

He pokes his nose in corners
And under every chair.
And all the little cookie crumbs
Had better just beware!

He roars across the carpet
And flips his tail behind;
Then sneaks around a table leg
To see what he can find.

And though he’s always gulping
Whatever he can see,
He’ll always be my monster friend
And never swallow me.

Janet R. Balmforth, “My Friend the Monster,” Friend, Oct 1972, 15

Our Morning Devotional at the start of the year.

For our devotional we have been memorizing this poem That Really Matters Poem. My 8yo knows it all, my 6yo can read it all with the help of her memorization of the poem, my 5yo knows most of it, and my 2yo even quotes much of it with us when we are saying it. We started memorizing this before Christmas now we just review it in devotional.

We just finished reading various books about good character that we got for Christmas. And we just finished reading
The Life of Our Lord by Charles Dickens.

We are learning these songs in our devotional right now
We Are Different and Friends Are Fun.

That Really Matters

That Really Matters

My mother says she doesn't care
About the color of my hair.
Or if my eyes are blue or brown.
Or if my nose turns up or down. 
It really doesn't matter.

My mother says she doesn't care,
If I'm dark or if I'm fair,
Or if I'm thin or if I'm fat.
She says she doesn't care
for things like that.
It really doesn't matter.

But, if I cheat or tell a lie,
Or do mean things to make folks cry,
Or if I'm rude or impolite
And do not try to do what's right,
Then, that really does matter.

It isn't looks that makes one great,
It's character that seals your fate.
It's what's you are
within your heart, you see,
That makes or mars your destiny.
And, that really does matter.

Author Unknown