Wednesday, January 9, 2008

That Really Matters

That Really Matters

My mother says she doesn't care
About the color of my hair.
Or if my eyes are blue or brown.
Or if my nose turns up or down. 
It really doesn't matter.

My mother says she doesn't care,
If I'm dark or if I'm fair,
Or if I'm thin or if I'm fat.
She says she doesn't care
for things like that.
It really doesn't matter.

But, if I cheat or tell a lie,
Or do mean things to make folks cry,
Or if I'm rude or impolite
And do not try to do what's right,
Then, that really does matter.

It isn't looks that makes one great,
It's character that seals your fate.
It's what's you are
within your heart, you see,
That makes or mars your destiny.
And, that really does matter.

Author Unknown

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