Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adding an Update

Hello, I have not found much time to blog in the last while. I have been in training with Alpine Access. The training process is very involved and there is not extra time to browse while at work, and when work is done I have a greater need to get away from the computer and be mommy.

Working at home and homeschooling is going great. I had my worries. This is how I make it all work.

Lock the kids in the dungeon!

LOL! not really!

In order to work at home one needs to meet the following requirement.

NO background noise. You can get fired if background noise is heard more then 3 times. FOR REAL!

Project: Keeping 4 fun loving happy kids as silent as little mouses from 8am-1pm EVERY week day?

Sound like a daunting task? This can be accomplished with the proper materials listed below.

1. Food glorious food (lots of it)
2. Separate space for the kids to play with as many closing doors as possible
inbetween you and them.
3. Computers (1 per child to be specific, much less then this and you run the risk of having knock down drag out fights that can be heard on your calls)
4. Learning games (so the time spent on the computer is not all waste)
5. A surprise bag (so you can pull out entertaining surprises when the children are having a hard time being happy and quiet)

This is what my day looks like.

Wake up - Feed & water chickens and plants. Wash a batch of dishes. Wash a batch of laundry. Eat.
Breakfast - assemble breakfast on the table for the kids so that they wake up to yummy food ready to eat.
Surprise - also place on the table today's entertainment surprise. Maybe something new. But also as effective is something old that has been put away out of reach. Books, learning games, computer learning CD's, crafts etc.
Lock up - close as many doors as you can on your way to your office.

Kids wake up to food and surprises and are self contained until it is about time for morning break.

Morning break - change any kids that need changed. Check on how the food was eaten. Clean up any food mess left. Assemble a snack on the table. Hug all the kids and listen to any complaints. Fix any computer problems the kids may be having. Find time to get a drink yourself or fit in a nature break. Rush back to your office closing all the doors. Log in for the next part of your shift.

Every break is like this.

Train your kids to come quietly into the office and wait to be signaled before speaking. If a child forgets this rule MUTE the phone.

End of the work shift. Log out. Turn off all computers, TV's and electronic entertainment equipment. After work time is live time, step away from the electronics.

Hug kids, listen to complaints, clean up snack mess, make lunch, get quality Mommy time in.

Family work time/ Family school time.

Send the kids off to play... and now take your break. Hopefully you will not crash out asleep on the bed, this will slow the rest of the day down :).

OH! did I forget the bribe??

I mentioned to the kids that Mama is working in order to help the family buy a home. If all the kids cooperate with Mama's work to buy a home then they also also get a reward...... A bunny! they could not be more thrilled. When we get to buy a home they get the reward of buying at least 1 White French Angora bunny. Which we will raise as an experiment to find out if we want to start breeding angora at the new farm.

OH the glorious computer! Nothing can entertain 4 crazy kids will as little mess, as little noise, as little fighting, as a computer. It is the perfect tool to enable the working mother some time to work. Just remember to use sparingly, turn them off when the work shift is done. Go outside and live and play when you can.

Now you know all about living and working and homeschooling at our home :)


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  1. That post is hilarious! Lol at locking the kids in the dungeon.
    I am glad that the job and the homeschooling is working well for you.
    I had planned to visit sooner, but for the past two to three weeks, I have had computer problems. Ugh!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,