Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Deorating the Christmas Tree

The kids got bored waiting for us to get the Christmas tree ready so they started decorating Curious instead....

...complete with a Christmas tree stand.

Curious loves being the center of attention.

Wrap him in beads.

Beads, we need more beads.

Hang stockings on his fingers.

Add the final touches..

Ta-Da Curious the decorated Christmas Tree.

We did finally get to decorating the actual Christmas tree, which was almost as much fun.

Close up details of the Christmas tree.

Mary and Baby Jesus, in the center of the tree as always.

Little Elves displaying their hard work. But wait.... what is the rest of this stuff.

Santa's Mug with bubbling hot coco, by Hugs.

Stocking Paws, By Tumbelina

Now it is time to dance in the Christmas Tree Skirt. The skirt Angelic is wearing is the same skirt from my childhood. I still remember watching my mother sew on the trim while I waited in anticipation to see it finished. It did not take long for us to realise that it made the best twirl skirt. Thus a new tradition was born, each girl taking a turn twirling in the Christmas Tree Skirt. To my great delight I got to take over ownership of the Christmas Tree Skirt, and the twirling tradition continues.
Hug's "turn" ;)

Tumbelina taking it for a spin.

Ooppss, maybe it is time to stop. Lets do portraits.

Curious George Christmas 2008

Angelic Christmas 2008

Tumbelina Christmas 2008

Christmas Tree Skirt Display, and...
Hugs Christmas 2008
(with the aid of her giggeling sisters)

Now it is time for another tridition. Sleeping out in the front room under the glowing Christmas lights. Three sisters, still giggly and not really ready for bed.

Showing their angelic faces to mom, so that she will not suspect anything. Then once the parents are in bed quietly go back to the tree, pick out your favorite ornaments, and play with them until 3am at least. Mama found a pile of ballerina and soldier ornaments in the morning as evidence.

Bedtime for Curious, and a bedtime book. See the innocent looking face. Yes, Mama, I am going to go right to sleep.

All the kids look comfortable and happy sleeping out in front of the Christmas Tree, so Mama grabs one last cup of wassail and heads to bed also, totally unaware of the visions of sugar plums dancing in the kids heads.

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