Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Renee and Ali's Sing-a-long

Every year Renee's Ward does a Christmas Sing-a-long. Attending this event has become a family tradition.

The evening starts out with some yummy dinner made by Renee's family. (Which is a must have, since Renee and Lamont make some of the yummiest homemade food ever. If they opened a restaurant it would be very popular. But I doubt it would be very profitable :. They would host tones of family meals, and give away all their great cooking. Wait.. that is what they do now. Like I said, great food!) 

Then we all head over to the church to watch the "crimson club" (all the steak ladies in the ward, dressed in red) sing. At the end they serve cookie refreshments. And after all that... 

We head back to Renee's house for some homemade pie. All around a wonderful evening.

All the sweet singing put him to sleep. So angelic, who could tell that only moments earlier he was in the hall with his Papa getting the what for about staying on Mama's lap. It must have been an effective talk because Curious came back and dutifully sat on my lap, so still, he fell asleep.

One down...

Two more to go... There goes Hugs and Papa.

Either Curious really wore Papa out in the hall, or those angelic singers voices are laced with a sleep charm. 

I think it is the Angel Choir Sleep Charm. We will have to test it out next year and see if it has the same effects.

Apparently some of the crowd are immune to the Angels sleep charm. These cute little sisters are still awake and giggling. Hopefully Tumbelina and Angel they are not disturbing the neighbors.

Angel Choir Star #1, Allison blowing Kisses to her adoring fans.

Angel Choir Star #2 Renee looking down from her cloud.

Lincoln also came to listen to the choir.

See I told you it was an angelic sleep charm, it got Grant also! (Actually he was asleep when he arrived, but, well, he stayed asleep, and that is something ;).  Look to the right.  That leg is proof that Juliette Grants Mom was there too (we did not get her picture).

Look to the left, proof that Grants dad Michael was there also.  (another picture we missed.)

"Take a picture of me like this."

Proof that Mama was there also.  Action photos by my kids ;).

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