Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bloggin' with Fly Fusion By Leapfrog

Right now I am sitting on my living room coach, watching my kids dance to music while I write in my fly fusion Journal with my fly pen. This is a fun way to blog, journal and participate with the kids, all at the same time.

My kids have also been having fun with the fly fusion. I have added their drawings, writing and things to their blogs.

The fly fusion seems to be sensitive to light.   Journal entries I have written in dim light have been lost.  Because of this I try to sit so my hand casts the least amount of shadow on the page.

Overall I rate the fly fusion high.

Music Maker is lots of fun the kids can mix and record and save their songs.  Only one problem, the songs wont download onto the computer, so you can only hear them on the fly and it only saves ten songs.

Memory expansion is a plastic cartridge that removes from the back of the pen and is replaced with another cartridge. This means small pieces that are easy to loose.

Fly notebooks each have a sticker On the front that make them "unique'' the fly eye scans the sticker to know which notebook you are using. The only problem I have found with this is when my son took off the unique sticker. This made it so all the entries went into a generic notebook. The paper in the notebook have a very fine pattern the tells the pen where you are. I would assume this means each page is unique.


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