Monday, January 19, 2009

Family History

Our families new home teachers are Dirk and Ray.  Ray told us about Tammy's  hard work on family history.  How she compiled everything she could into a large three ring binder and every time there is new information for the family she mass emails her family with the updates for them to print and put in the binder.  This re-inspired me towards family history, thanks Ray (and Tammy, lol)

I remembered my lovely family history book for the My dad's mothers side, it is one of the largest books we own (not quite as big as our 1828 dictionary).  We have now included this in our morning devotionals.  What a lovely addition it makes, full of stories and photos of our ancestors. 

Also I found at Seagull Book and Tape a book on clearance that is a fill-in-the-blank family history, it asks lots of fun stuff like "what was your happiest moment" and "what is your favorite book".  

Now for devotional we are reading our family history book, filling in pages in our book, learning the song Holding Hands Around the World and memorising D&C 75:3.


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