Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scripture Reading

Saturday Jan 10th 09

Our steak president has asked us to commit to read the scriptures everyday for the rest of our lives, Angelic and Papa were the first to make this commitment.

Together they carefully reminded the rest of the family of scripture time.  Now it has become a habit that the whole family remembers and enjoys.

Today Jeff was sick and I was running late on getting laundry ready for church. Angelic opened right up to her book mark and told Tumbelina where we were. Then Tumbelina helped Hugs find the right page. Next Angelic started reading, Tumbelina took up her turn right afterwards. Then to top all this Tumbelina started to help and coach Hugs on reading her part just like she had seen her father do. They continued just like that, orderly taking turns and helping each other with difficult words, just the same way Jeff does. All the time with out any prompting or help From Mama or Papa.

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