Monday, March 16, 2009

Chickens Like Fishy Crackers

Hugs just came in and told me in complete excitement that "chickens like fishy crackers, and it makes it so much easier to catch them!!".  The kids love to chase and catch the chickens.  They normally catch them by grabbing onto their tails.  Hugs described to me how they are out there holding onto the chickens by their tails and feeding them fishy crackers one at at time.

Ever since we butchered the last of our three roosters, the back yard has become allot more fun for the kids, and for me too.  I check on the chickens food, water and eggs more often because I don't fear being attacked by "Big Boy" the last rooster we just butchered.  

The kids have been playing chicken.  They run out and pet the turkey while she is laying down, and they play they are chickens.  The highlight of this play is when all the other hens come over to be a part of their little flock.  Who knew chickens could be so entertaining.  Tumbelina plays that she is "Big Chicken" and Curious plays he is "Little Chicken" or "Chicken Little".

Yesterday when Jeff was hugging the kids he noticed they all smell like chickens.  Needless to say all the kids were given a good bath today.

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