Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How well we know our Mama

How well we know our Mama
Respondents are S- Curious George (3), A -Hugs (6), C -Tumbelina (8), E -AngelTina (10)

1. What is something Mama always says to you?
S - I love you
A - She always calls me
C - She always says "Don't"
E - Woohh.... you attacked me

2. What makes Mama happy?
S - Playing ball
A - When I say "yes mam"
C - Obeying her
E - When her kids obey her, reading to her kids, quiet time, sleeping, oh and sitting on the couch that she waited for seven years to get.

3. What makes Mama sad
S - You don't usually get sad
A - When someone dies
C - That one time when Chad's sister died... You were crying
E - When Hugs drew an A on the couch, When Hugs drew with permanent marker on the back of the door

4. How does your Mama make you laugh?
S - By tickling me and saying "tickle, tickle, tickle"
A - When she tickles me
C - By tickling me in my stomach, because that is the part that is sensitive of tickling, if you tickel me there then I go, he he he he
E - When she says silly things

5. How old is your Mama?
S - Three years old (he said three right) No, not three years old, feeve years old... 
A - Somewhere in your 90's
C - She's in her 30's, or in her 40's, or in her 50's or in her 60's or in her 70's, one of those (I think she got it covered)
E - I think she is somewhere in her thirties

6. How tall is your Mama?
S - Fifty feet.. lalalala
A - really tall
C - Six feet
E - Not as tall as Papa, about three inches shorter then Papa, which means (she is doing math in her head) 5' 3" (She got it EXACTLY right).  It was just an estimate (she says while shrugging).

7. What is her favorite thing to do?
S - (he blows a kiss)
A - Go on the computer
C - Read boring books
E - Read A Wrinkle in Time series

8. What does your Mama do when you're not around?
S - sleep
A - I don't think I am not around very much
C - She sneaks up my birthday presents
E - Read, think, sleep, think, read, think, think....

9. If your Mama becomes famous, what will it be for?
S - falling
A - Her great cooking
C - It would be for working on the computer, answering so much phone calls.
E - Staying up late, and patience

10. What is your Mama really good at?
S - Hugging papa
A - Cooking
C - Shes good at making a pond and keeping cats from coming in our fence.
E - Being patient

11. What is your Mama not very good at?
S - Being a cartoon creature... like an alien
A - Not very good at waking me up, I wake my self up actually very much.
C -  She is not very good at keeping track of Curious George when he leaves the house (she says that because I am always sending her to go and get Curious).
E - Getting asleep on time.

12. What does your Mama do for her job?
S - Go to work, type and say something
A - You answer phone calls
C - "Hello, what can  i do for you today"  and she says "May I please have your account number."
E - Answer phone calls about credit cards, and talk to the lady who says "coo coo" dove stuff, and says she stepped over a bomb, and she was very silly, and says she is the friend with the queen of France, and i think she was doing it for attention or something.  (She is retelling a story about my funniest call I have had at work)

13. What's your Mama's favorite food?
S - Macaroni
A - I think your favorite food was pickles
C - Her favorite food is watermelon, and onions
E - I'm stumped, you like pomegranates, and watermelon, and stuff like that, but I cant think of what would be your favorite.

14. What makes you proud of your Mama?
S - Loving me
A - Her cooking
C - That you really like to write in my journal notebook.
E - That she is very patient

15. If your Mama were a cartoon character, who would she be?
S - Um... Lou, the puppy in "Cats and Dogs"
A - Micky Mouse, is also really good at cooking like Mama
C - The Muffin Lady
E - Super mom who has 10,000 kids

16. What do you and your Mama do together?
S - Love each other
A - My mama reads me stories
C - um.. Look at my sisters birthday presents
E - She read me the Trumpet of the Swan once.. Normally we both have trouble getting asleep, We talk about things... I cant think of anything else

17. How are you and your Mama the same?
S - Blue eyes
A - We both have blue eyes, like our papa
C - hmm.. Because we give presents on Christmas, and because we type really fast, and because we like to draw.
E - Were both girls with brown hair and blue eyes.  

18. How are you and your Mama different?
S - Her black pants, and my underpants... her eyes, so pretty
A - I have blond hair and she has brown.
C - Because I'm a kid and your not, our birthdays are not on the same day. (notice Tumbelina is excited about her birthday in a few days)
E - She is taller then me, and older then me.  She went to school when she was my age and I am homeschooled.

19. How do you know your Mama loves you?
S - She cameras me
A - She tells me
C - Because you say so.
E - Because she hugs me and she is very patient

20. Where is your Mama's favorite place to go?
S - The park
A - Tepanyaki.... I think?
C - With her kids off on fun stuff... And she likes it when she goes to Kerry so she can talk to Kerry.
E - The Downstairs living room to watch showes with Papa, to the temple with Papa.

Bonus Question by Tumbelina

What is Mama's favorite book

C - its um... A Wrinkle in time, oh and your other favorite is the scriptures

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  1. Aaah!! Those are such good answers! Get in the kitchen you patient momma you!!! Or come over to my house so we can chat some more :D Kids are so great!