Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How well we know our Papa

How well we know our Papa
Respondents are S- Curious George (3), A -Hugs (6), C -Tumbelina (8), E -AngelTina (10)

1. What is something Papa always says to you?
S - That I'm a good boy
A - I love you
C - Go to bed
E - I love you

2. What makes Papa happy?
S - Me obeying him
A - When I say "Yes sir" to him
C - Reading the scriptures, and obeying him
E - Napping, tickling

3. What makes Papa sad?
S - He doesn't get sad
A - I cant think of anything that makes him sad
C - (After thinking for a long time)...When someone dies
E - I don't know

4. How does your Papa make you laugh?
S - Tickle me
A - He tells good jokes
C - He tickles me
E - Tickling us and telling jokes

5.How old is your Papa?
S - Free (three), Every body in the whole wide world is free.
A - I don't know how old... 23?
C - 30 something
E - Somewhere in his 30's I think

6. How tall is your Papa?
S - Super Tall
A - Really tall
C - 7 feet tall
E - Not as tall as Nate, five feet and a half?

7. What is his favorite thing to do?
S - Watch me invent
A - Tell jokes
C - Talk to Mama
E - Tickle, and tell jokes

8. What does your Papa do when you're not around?
S - Sleep, sleep tight
A - Usually when I am not around he is at work.
C - Goes to work and talks to people on the phone.
E - I don't know

9. If your Papa becomes famous, what will it be for?
S - I don't know
A - Playing his harmonica
C - Being the greatest Papa in the world
E - His jokes

10. What is your Papa really good at?
S - Loving Relish, its yummy, its chopped up pickles
A - Playing his harmonica
C - my Papa's really good at reading fast, and typing fast, and he's good at making it so he doesn't get fired.
E - Telling Jokes, loving, giving hugs, and tickling

11. What is your Papa not very good at?
S - *Burp* *Giggle* Burping, because I burped
A - I cant really think of anything he is not very good at.
C - Sometimes hes not good at getting to work fast enough, and sometimes hes not good at taking his pills.
E - He is not very good at staying happy when he is tired

12. What does your Papa do for his job?
S - Um, work, he works at his work, and so do I, my work is KidZui
A - He goes to Qwest
C - He helps people with their computers, and he tells them what to do with their computers
E - Answers phone calls, and helps people fix their computers on the phone.

13. What's your Papa's favorite food?
S - Relish, and hot dogs
A - Chocolate
C - Lots of things, and really he likes relish
E - Chocolate

14. What makes you proud of your Papa?
S - Relish, *giggle* My papa loves relish
A - Lots of things
C - I'm proud of my Papa because he reads scriptures with me.
E - That I love him

15. If your Papa were a cartoon character, who would he be?
S - Chicken Little
A - Hum.. pretty tricky... Donald Duck
C - Hum.. He would be... Thunderbolt
E - He'd be a joker and tickle monster

16. What do you and your Papa do together?
S - Build inventions
A - We have fun together, My papa reads me stories.
C - We talk about my baptism stuff.
E - We talk, we nap sometimes, and hug

17. How are you and your Papa the same?
S - By being same handsome at church.
A - We both have blue eyes.
C - Were the same because we can walk, and we have toes, and we have fingers, and hands, and arms and elbows, and heads, and we can talk, and we also go on the computer.
E - We love each other, we like to tell jokes, we both say "awesome possum" and we both have brown hair.

18. How are you and your Papa different?
S - By being dropped by a giant.. Ill show ya.. (he falls on the floor screaming.)
A - I have blond hair and he has brown
C - I have black hair and he doesn't, and papa gets sun burned easier then me.
E - He's taller then me

19. How do you know your Papa loves you?
S - How I turned free, and next I'm gonna turn four.
A - He says so.
C - Because he wants me to wake up early and go to sleep early, and he does not like me staying up to late.
E - He says so.

20. Where is your Papa's favorite place to go?
S - The park
A - Tepanyaki
C - On a date with mama... and to Wendy's to get frosties.. and if they are not chocolate he is like "what?"
E - Monkey Jungle Gymns, and that place where they made the onion volcano thing (Tepanyaki)

Extra credit question by Tumbelina...

What is Papa afraid of? 

C - a Dinosaur.

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