Monday, September 14, 2009

New Home

Hello ward we are your new neighbors... Again!   I just found out today that we are now under contract to buy a hew home! It took a long time to finalize!! I have been anxious to announce it. The best part is we got to hand pick the best ward, our same ward we love so much, and our children get to keep all their same friends. They love that!! The house is the third home west of Rheas house, so we will have great neighbors. The floor plan is almost exactly the same as the one we are staying in now, but without a half kitchen in the basement.

The home is on a half an acre like our family has always wanted, our chickens will love that. Thankfully it is not an hour away from downtown like all the other homes we were looking at. Which has one down fall... I am not going to move to live close to Freda and Danika, sorry gals. :(

It is a foreclosed home so it needs allot of repairs, the photos below make it look better then it is. The whole home reeks of cat pee BAD. The home is structurally sound with a good roof. The main repairs it needs #1 to get rid of the stink (thankfully Granny gave us GREAT info on how to do that.) #2 Repaint every wall (some are black with bats on them), #3 all new flooring throughout (the dogs and cats trashed it all), #4 repair some small plumbing problems in the bathrooms. So we will be busy for a while. But look forward to getting it fixed up right.

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  1. So Happy you found this great house and lot. So glad it is still in the neighborhood, so you can all be close to us.