Monday, September 28, 2009

Watermelon Feast

Brother Shelton came over today and gave us some grocery bags full of veggies, potatoes and corn from his garden. He also gave us a large watermelon. Curious's eyes got so big when he saw that watermelon. Right off he said, "I want to tell him thank you."

I said "That is a good idea Curious, lets do go tell him thank you."

Curious runs to the door "I want to tell him thank you RIGHT NOW!"

I said "I am sorry he is already gone you will have to tell him thank you later."

I then go into the kitchen and cut up the watermelon, while all the girls watch with big excited eyes. When it came time to call Curious to come and eat his he was no where to be found. We had just started to search around the house when the front door opened. In runs Curious, all excited, and exclaims "I told her thank you!!."

The girls all giggle, and we start to ask him about what happened. He could not have told Brother Shelton thank you, he lived two blocks away, by the new home we are buying. Curious ran over the the Maybes home, rang the door bell, and when Sister Maybe answered the door he exclaimed "Thank you for the watermelon."

Now the Maybe's were a logical choice. We have enjoyed allot of zucchini and corn that the Maybes have given us from their garden. Which the kids have thoroughly enjoyed every time we cooked it. According to Curious's report Sister Maybe said "I did not give you any watermelon, you must mean thank you for the zucchini."

"Yes, thank you!" exclaimed Curious, and then he hurried home to enjoy in our watermelon feast.

Little boys are so cute!

Thank you to the Maybe's and the Shelton's for sharing your gardens harvests with our family!


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