Sunday, November 14, 2010

Secret Service Club

Thank you primary!! Curious comes up to me and says "Don't tell anyone but there is this secret club where you do service and leave a smiley face. This is my smiley face for Papa." The smiley face had a beard drawn on it to look like Papa, and Curious ran off to put it on his made bed.

Some secret sisters.. I suspect Hugs and Tunbelina brought up all the clean laundry from the laundry room so it could be sorted and put away.  On the top of the large mound of laundry is a bright yellow smiley face.

Papa says "Mama I am afraid the Primary is encouraging secret combinations." Lol

Monday, November 1, 2010

Avatar The Last Airbender Halloween Costumes

Appa and Momo Costume

Avatar The Last Airbender Halloween Costumes

Iroh Costume

Avatar The Last Airbender Halloween Costumes

Toph Costume

Avatar The Last Airbender Halloween Costumes

Baby - Sokka - Momo - Aang Costume

Avatar The Last Airbender Halloween Costumes

Suki Costume

Avatar The Last Airbender Halloween Costumes

Ty Lee Costume

Avatar The Last Airbender Halloween Costumes

Katara Costume

Avatar The Last Airbender Halloween Costumes

Aang Costume

Avatar The Last Airbender Halloween Costumes

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cooking Brown Rice

For all my friends that prefer whole grains. The trick to cooking with brown rice and liking it is three things. Use too much water, on too high of a heat and cook it for too long. Thus making a softer rice so you will like it. We now only eat brown rice and love it. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our New Kitten Sammy

Tumbelina asked me where horses were sold.  I told her they were not sold in stores, but sold by farmers who owned them.  Then a while later she asked me where she could find farmers that were selling horses.  I told her KSL without realising the consequences of that.

Soon Tumbelina realized that the KSL classifieds sold lots of funs stuff.  She came to me excited, she had found a free dog, and kittens for just $5.  KSL became Tumbelinas favorite place, she would go on there every chance she could get and read descriptions of cats.  I made up a picky list of things I wanted in a cat.  It took Tumbelina three days to find a cat that matched my list and was still available.  Now we have our new kitten Sammy, and he is a big hit.  Below is the add description that Tumbelina found.
$10.00 OBO
Playful 1/2 Siamese Kittens
Kearns, UT   84118   -   Sep 6, 2010 
Darling,beautiful white-siamese kittens! 10 weeks old, fully wiened and litter trained. Clean and very healthy. Good with kids, kind dogs and other cats. Well socialized. They are good mousers, as learned by their mother, yet play well with people too. Indoor or outdoor, they are litter box trained from the start, then introduced to living in the yard and the shed outside (which also has a litter box). We let them in and out of the house. They play with our chi-wienie dog so cute!!! Also with our boxador just fine (she is very gentle). 
The father is a very large, fluffy white cat, and the mother is Siamese. They are Siamese looking, but bigger, whiter, and fluffier with lighter markings than the mother. Just absolutely beautiful cats, with pale blue and blue-green eyes!!
We would like them to go to good homes, but are letting them go for a small price. We are afraid they might get in our neighbor's cat trap and need to find them a safe place to stay.
I just emailed the previous owners to let them know how the kitten was doing, afterwards I realized the email was full of fun info about our new cat so I am posting it here also.
The male kitten we purchased from you Poseidon is a big hit.  The girls named him Samuel and call him Sammy for short.  
When he first got here he cried for his family, but that has gotten to be less and less.  He gets so much constant attention that I need to remind the kids that he needs food, water, time to potty and sleep.  
The big girls have made up cute rules, mostly to keep their little brother in line with the cat.  Things like don't paralyze (hold the cat by the neck) him unless he is clawing you, and put the cat down if he cries.
Both me and my husband are really happy with Sammy he is a good cat.  He even seems to prefer the scratching mat we have for him and for the most part will scratch on it instead of furniture.
Thanks for a great cat. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

UPDATE: Mama and baby Wash

UPDATE: Mama and baby are now accepting visitors. Please call before you come.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Baby

UPDATE: born at home at 9:12pm after 1.5 hours labor. 9lbs 2oz, 20.5 inches long. Mama and baby are resting and doing fine.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

40 People are getting this

40 People are getting this text, no reply needed. UPDATE: 5 days overdue. ultrasound says baby & placenta both fine.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Steps to Sundying with Setacolor from Dharma Trading

I am following the Sun Painting (with Setacolor) Instructions found at Dharma Trading.
  1. Cut out a cardboard frame bigger them the clothing item to stretch it on.
  2. Make sure the sleeves are cut longer then the actual clothing item.
  3. Fold the cardboard frame to fit inside of the clothing item.
  4. Stretch the shirt over the frame.
  5. Do this for all of your items you will be dying.
  6. Make a workspace in the sun.
  7. Cover your table with plastic to protect it.
  8. On double layer clothing only paint one layer at a time.
  9. Set up your workspace or table with everything you need.
  10. Measure out 1 part dye to 2 parts water.
  11. Measure out 2 parts water to 1 part dye.
  12. Add in the lightening agent if you want a lighter color.  (I did not notice much difference for using this)
  13. Stir it all together really well.
  14. Paint all of the clothing with water until they are all completely wet.
  15. Paint the color mixture onto your prepared clothing items.
  16. Press onto the cloth your sunblocks.  The sunblocks should be wet also to encourage them to stick to the cloth.  Everywhere you press a sunblock the cloth will end up lighter.  Paper will stick the best, better then natural leaves etc.
  17. Let the items dry in the sun for 15 min to 2 hours.
  18. Remove leaves and sunblocks to reveal the design you created. (it would seem the cardboard sucks up the dye on the edges and makes them lighter.  This will need to be fixed for future dying projects)

  19. Repeat to dye the back sides and any other undyed parts.
  20. Iron with an Iron on cotton setting for 5 mins.