Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Baby Buff Orpington Chicks

Introducing our new baby chicks.

"We have chicks.  And they're super de duper cute!  And if you leave them alone they peep like crazy." Tumbelina

"Guess what we have chicks.  And when ever you walk up to their bin they start peeping like crazy.  And once Curious picked up a chick and put him in a paper boat he made, and the chick went crazy." Hugs

"Our chicks are adorable, they're just a bungle.  They're like, They're just a bungle of cuteness. They're so cute.  They're like cute little yellow fuzz balls. They're really loud cheepers.  And we have a home for them, it has food and water and sand and warming mats."  Curious

"We have eight chicks.  They're cute fuzzy and loud, they make enough noise for twelve.  These ones are yellow but the first ones we got weren't.  We got four of them on one day and four of them on another."  Angelic

Chicks in Space!!!!

Here you see our chick class having some experiential learning.  What is even better then looking at a diorama?  Actually being able to walk around in a diorama!  Now they can see first hand what order the planets come in and which ones are the biggest.

Our chicks also learned that pecking at Jupiter causes it to swing.  That planets smell like markers.  And that sometimes you can find in space left-over-matter from its creation, like that scrap of paper on the ground.  Which a very curious chick picks up and gets chased down by his teachers in order to stop him from eating it.

Here the chicks are taking in the birds eye view of space.  In which they learned that all those planets are held up by yarn tied with knots.  Now they are trying to figure out how to unravel the universe by pecking apart the knots.  Maybe this lesson is done.

Class photo: They sure are cute!

Chicks Learning About Shapes

Here the chicks are looking at the diorama called "shapes and sizes."  Maybe if they studied it carefully they could learn the shapes names, and maybe even their colors.  But the Chicks seem a bit distracted.

The birds eye view on the shapes does hold their attention better though.  I should have know.

A Bouquet of Chicks

So Tumbelina goes and picks up the whole chick class in one swoop.  It makes a beautiful bouquet!

Oh no! It tickles and wiggles, maybe this chick bouquet will not work after all.

"Help! I am sideways, with my head being stepped on!"  But he sure is cute!

Learning to Play Dead!

Here the lesson starts.  "This is what you do little chicks, you lay on your back and relax.  Then we pet your bellies to help you relax more.  And when we leave you on your backs you are soooo relaxed that you stay there and do not move.  Got it?"

I think they have got it.

You have no idea how hard it is to get eight baby chicks to all play dead at the same time.  At some point one chick will decide he is done playing dead, then he will jump up and run around tagging all the other chicks so they get up too.  It took us a long time.  In this photo we are all excited, just one more chick and we can have it.

Success eight chicks playing dead

We were able to get the chicks to do this not once but twice.

They are so relaxed.

Falling asleep.

Funny thing about the chicks is they twitch their legs when they are on their back.  

These ones really look dead! I think the class learned this lesson.

Class Dismissed!  See you next time in chick school.

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