Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yummy! Secret Green Shakes!

Kerry told me about green shakes, made with spinach and kale.  We call them secret shakes.  The kids can watch me assemble all the yummy ingredients.  Then when it comes time to put in the kale and spinach, they must go away so they don't see the "secret ingredient," greens.  When they come back I tell them I turned it a surprise color, and I leave green food coloring on the counter.  The kids drink it down and ask for more.  

The second day the kids begged me to make shakes again.  Then they got a bit more curious about the secret ingredient but so far so good. For a little bit Tumbelina was not drinking hers, so I reassured her that if I gave her the secret ingredient alone she would love it, (Tumbelina loves salad) then she drank it up.  

Things we have put in our shakes so far: bananas, pears from a can, yogurt, flax seed, kale, spinach, ice, apples, and dehydrated blue berries.  The blueberries turn it a funny brown when the greens are added in, my kids were a bit more skeptical, but still drank it up and asked for more.  I think next time I will turn their shakes orange by adding in baby carrots instead of greens. 

Everyone thought the shakes tasted like strawberries and kiwi were in them, but I have only used that above ingredients.  I like to let them think it is kiwi color.

Lots of nutritious fun! Thank you Kerry for the idea.

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