Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Impacted Crop

Our little baby black chick had a swollen crop, larger then his head.  We could see through the skin right to the corn pieces in the crop.  We were so worried about the little bird that we did not bother to take any photos, though that would have been interesting if we did.  We read in the book Laddie about a goose popping open from eating too much, so we were all worried, because this little chicks crop did look like it might pop open.  Poor little Hugs was besides herself in tears, but  Tumbelina did a great job comforting her, and getting her mind off of it and work on a puzzle.

We read up on impacted crops in chickens and how it is often solved with surgery.  We read in detail on how to do the surgery, and were getting mentally ready to try such extreme measures.  Then we looked down at the cute little black chick, he was running around feeling great and pooping allot.  Chickens with impacted crop starve to death because the food does not get past the crop to their belly.  Obviously this little chick was doing fine if he could poop.  Thankfully we decided to wait and watch him to see how he did.  The next day the chicks crop was allot smaller and the chick was still doing fine.  The little guy just ate too much. 

The kids are so relieved and happy that the chick is doing fine.

New Baby Splash Orpingtons

We found a lady close by who was hatching out some Splash Orpingtons.  She hatched us out two beautiful splashes, one light and one black.  

Notice the unique coloring on these chicks.  The black one has some blue coloring on his chest and the light one has some blue coloring on its head and back, they are quite beautiful little chicks.

I did not realise how big our other orpington chicks had gotten until we placed these chicks up next to eachother. The buffs are a month old now, so they look huge next to these little chicks that are only a few days old.  Because of the size difference we will be keeping them separate for a while.

Kids always love new baby chicks!

Curious says "They cheep allot.  We also have grown up chickens and when mom put in food for the grown up chickens they just loved it and pecked at it (actually they are eating chick start but it looks the same).  And now we are back to the little chicks.  They're so cute cute cute cute and cute and cuddly.  Bye"

Hugs says "They're very cute and cuddly.  They hate to be holded like this.  But I had to do it to get them close to my face, they would not be close to my face if my hands were in front of it."

Tumbelina says "The chicks go peep peep, and they sound really loud when one of them is away from the other one because they don't like being alone or else they feel like they are abandoned.  And then when you put them back with the other chick they go, "Hey."  And then they're all cuddly with each other.  The end"

Angelic says "They're really cute.  And at first we were worried about the black one because his crop got big.  It gets big and then small every other day.  At first the black one was really feisty he peeped really loud pretty much all the time when I held him.  And Tumbelina would never let me hold the white one.  That's all I have to say."

Staying Warm

The chicks bin got water spilled in it.  The kids brought the chicks to me so I could keep them warm while they cleaned out the chicks bin.  It did not take these little chicks long to realise how warm my netbook was.  Before long they were happily nested under my netbook with their backs against the warm bottom.  

Here they are in a nest of clean socks to help them feel warm and comfortable.