Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meet Our Family

Name: Jeff  a.k.a Papa, El_Heffe, DH
Age: Old enough
Talents/ Hobbies: writing, making things out of wood, current events, playing games, making games
Job: Technical Support for Local Phone Companies Internet products
Published Blog Posts: In the works

Name: Jeanine a.k.a Mama, Je9Jeanine
Age: about 20?
Talents/ Hobbies: poultry, blogging, making soap, baking with whole wheat.
Job: Work at Home, Inbound Customer Service Calls for a Credit Card Company

Internet Name: Angelic
Age: 10 turning 11
Hobbies/ Talents: reading, singing, drawing, dancing, doing what is right, helping others, taking care of Cali (her cat)
What I want to be: a Narrator for a Audio Book, Zoo Keeper, and a Mom.
My Favorite Blog Post: Mine 25 Random things about me, Mama's Letter to my e-pal 2

Internet Name: Tumbelina
Age: 8 turning 9
Talents/ Hobbies:  tumbling, walking on her hands, art, careing for others, cleaning, going to bed on time, teaching her siblings, taking care of animals.
What I want to be: a Horse Racer, Zoo Keeper, Vet, Mama, Inventor, Gymnast, Ballerina
Favorite Blog Post: Mine i am aDOPTID, Mama's Flips

Internet Name: Hugs
Age: 7 turning 8, going to be baptized soon
Talents/ Hobbies: giving hugs, helping anyone especially helping papa, art, taking care of chicks, caring about others and pets.
What I want to be: a Zoo Keeper or a Vet 
Favorite Blog Post: Mine My Painting,  Mama's It's blogging time... Mama's orders

Internet Name: Curious
Age: 4 turning 5
Talents/ Hobbies: helping Mama, making mama pictures, writing I love you mom, inventing, digging, being nice to the chicks,
What I want to be: An Inventor, A Policeman, A Fireman and a Papa
Blog: Curious George's World of Discovery
Favorite Blog Post: Mine The flushed down the toilet one, Mama's Curious's Real Adventures in Dragon Land

The Whole Family
Age: Almost 13 years
Talents/ Hobbies: homeschooling, poultry, reading stories out loud, gardening, making things
What we want to be when we grow up: together and happy
Blog: Our Family Digest, Peel Academy,


  1. Ok...been hopping around your blogs and thought that I would leave a comment on here. :)

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I got a chuckle out of a few of them! :) Thanks for letting me know that our dreams (owning a farm, adopting, etc) are within reach and others HAVE done them! :)

    I will be back to peruse your blog(s)!

  2. Enjoyed your Family Blog. The pictures are great Love you all