Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prize Rewards List

Feed the Ducks
50 points x4
Trip to the Library
125 points x4
Family Game Night
250 points x4

Rootbear Floats with
Netflix movie
250 points x4

Science Night at the Movies
points 250 x4

JumpStart Escape From Adventure
Island for the Wii
points 350 x4

Trip to Cabela's
points 400 x4

Trip to Water Park
points 400 x4

Pic-nic at Wheeler Farm
points 450 x4

Utah Museum of Natural History
points 450 x4

Family Pizza Night and
Netflix Movie
points 500 x4

K'nex Value Tub
points 525 x4

Trip to the Zoo
points 600 x4

Family Night at the Movies
points 750 x4

Drive in Movies
points 900 x4

12' Parachute
points 1000 x4

Jungle Jim's Playland
points 2000 x4