Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Living Wet

  A few years back I bought my kids a "modest swimsuit" like this one below from
They were soooo cute, and quite expensive.  But my kids loved them.  They lived in them, day in and day out they wore their swim dresses.  I found there were quite a few advantages to children living in fast drying clothes in the summer.
  1. Kids are always playing in the water, and most of the time not asking permission
  2. Then they want to be dry and change their clothes. Like three times a day!
  3. Their cotton clothes hold allot of water in them and drip it trough the house
  4. The cotton clothes get stinky fast and are allot of work to wash.

Needless to say their little swim dresses wore out FAST! But I started to find other options.  Rash Guards were being sold more and more along with other sporty fabric that drys fast.  I now only buy fast drying fabric for my kids to wear in the summer this is why.
  1. They make modest swimsuits for less
  2. They cover better then swimsuits, less sun burns and skin cancer concerns
  3. They dry FAST! The kids need to change ALLOT less.
  4. As long as my kids hang up the wet clothes, I let them change into dry, because the fast drying ones wont stink and can be worn again once dry.
  5. The kids will get wet anyways
  6. They hold less water and drip less. is the best resources for rash guards and fast drying clothing all the photos above are from target. This is how I afford them.
  1. Check out Target clearance racks often
  2. Shop Target sales online
  3. Shop swim clearance sales at other stores that carry rash guards.. Kmarts is on sale now
  4. Shop Amazon for the best prices.
  5. Look through DI and Savers clothing for these things. And I do find it there
  6. Don't spend $ on summer clothing that is not fast drying.

My kids are always wet!!!! But I am no longer stressed about laundry.  I am still glad I made this decision three years ago.