Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Bye to Our Ducks and Turkeys

I posted this add at KSL.com
Free 2 Turkey Hens and 3 Ducks  -   Jan 25, 2011
We need to get rid of some of our poultry pets so we can focus more on our chickens. We have two extra Broad Breasted Turkey hens 3 years old and 1-2 years old. We also have two white crested Ducks, one male and one female, 3 years old. And one white female duck 1 year old. The white female duck and crested male would be a good breeding pair if you are interested.

Thanks Jeanine
We were called back immediately.. The end result is our ducks and turkeys are off to a new home.  We plan to start breeding our Barneys and Buffs for chicks, eggs and meet. That will take quite a few houses, not to mention food and effort.  So we made the decision to simplify and give away all non chicken poultry.  They are going to a family with kids that love animals, so they should be pretty happy.   Curious George cried when I told him we were giving away his favorite turkey, but in the end he is happy for their new home.  Giving the ducks a bath was also a good distraction.  Here are some videos of their bath.