Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introducing Angelic for New Beginnings

Angelic is lots of fun to be around. She has a good sense of humor, loves to laugh and do silly
stuff. Angelic enjoys making movies. Right now her siblings, cousins, and even a few friends are
working on a movie they call Dragon Troubles. Angelic normally likes to act out a dramatic role, like
the super villain she plays in Dragon Troubles. Angelic loves to sing, her love for singing inspired
her whole family to sing in the church choir last year. Angelic likes to make up stories, she writes
them down, tells them to her sisters, and acts them out. Angelic loves to read, and prefers to have
large amounts of uninterrupted reading time. Angelic’s favorite books are The Chronicles of Narnia,
The Secret Garden and The Hobbit. Angelic likes to read and memorise poems. We have a
poem book with silly poems about a house, this is her favorite poem book right now. Angelic loves
cats. We recently got a new dog and Angelic was not sure that she would like owning a dog at
all. She likes our new dog Thor, but still much prefers our White Siamese Cat Sammy. Angelic
helps take care of our families twenty chickens daily. Her favorite parts of the day are personal
reading time and family reading time. Angelic's favorite color is light blue. Her favorite vegetable
is broccoli. She does not like pepperoni on her pizza. Angelic loves pasta and rice. Her favorite
candies are Reese's peanut butter cup and Kit-Kat. Angelic’s best friend moved to Washington DC
over a year ago. She talks to her on Skype, the phone and email.

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