Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thor's Best Day

Tumbelina in spite of loving dogs like crazy was having a hard time with Thor.  She was scared of him, because he kept on jumping up on her, and because she could sense I was a bit scared of Thor.  Thor does not normally jump up on people.  But Tumbelina was a special case because she bounces around him and gets him all hyper, then when he wants to play she gets scared and turns her back to him and curls up into a little ball.   Which in dogie language apparently means jump on me.  No fun for Tumbelina, and it made her fears worse and worse...


We called back Elise, Thor's previous owner, and told her we could not keep Thor.  Elise instead told us she knew just the solution and would love to come by today to help us work it all out.

All the best web pages we have read on dogie training talks about treating the dog like he is in a pack and being the Alpha dog over him.  Elise said that if you roll Thor over on his back, hold him down on his chest and lean over him looking dominant it would educate him quite well that you were unhappy with his actions.

While Elise was here she told stories of her three year old son pestering the dog and Thor being nice the whole time.  The most memorable one for Hugs was one where the three year old stuffed a toy down Thor's throat, gaging him with it, and all the while his hand was in the dogs mouth he did not get bit.  Hugs was pretty sure she could trust the dog after that.

After some time Elise had Thor relaxed on the carpet, she asked Tumbelina to come and pet the dog.  Elise told Tumbelina that if she pet the dog when he was calm that it would communicate to him that she liked him being calm.  Elise also told Tumbelina not to play with the dog in the house.  Tumbelina sat there for a long time petting the dog.

But the time Elise was gone Tumbelina decided she was no longer scared of Thor.  She was having him sit and stay, lay down and go.  Thor was so humbled from all the times he was flipped onto his back, and could no longer sense fear in her, so he was obeying every command.

Thor's day started out early with Papa taking him on a walk.  Then Elise and her son visited.  Next we took him too Petco to buy a gentle lead that Elise recommended.  When we got home Papa took him on another short walk to test the new lead. Followed by my standard walk with him.  Then to top it all our Aunt showed up with Dogie Christmas.  Her friend from work sent over all the dogie stuff she does not need any more since her dog of ten years died over a year ago.

The only thing that could have made Thor's day better would have been if we let him chase the darn rooster after he broke into its pen.

We all should sleep well tonight.

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  1. Loved reading your Family Digest this evening.