Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome Our New Dog - Thor

Tumbelina found us another great pet on KSL.  She and I have been looking at dog adds on KSL for a year, and by far this is the best add we have seen.  We went to see Thor on Sunday and could easily tell he was a well loved, cared for and trained dog.  We happily took Thor home.  We are very happy with our new dog.  Sammy the cat is not sure he likes Thor, but Thor is sure he would like Sammy, if only Sammy would let him lick him to death... :) lol. The Baby likes Thor.  When the dog was in the car we tried to point Thor out to the Baby.  The Baby would not look at Thor, but Thor was excited to see him.  Thor jumped over the seats to meet the baby.  Only when Thor's HUGE head was in front of the baby did he turn to see the dog finally.  The Baby smiled at him, and we all giggled, which startled the Baby.  Later that evening the Baby was laying down on the couch, Thor came up to see him, The Baby gave him a big grin, then Thor drowned him in We will be telling Thor "no kisses" a lot when he is around the Baby. Below is his KSL add.

free boxer mix needs to find good home
midvale, UT   84047   -   Jan 23, 2011
he is a 4 year old boxer mix, is very friendly with everyone, is great with babys on up, is great with cats, dogs, ferrets, snakes, birds, horses, cows, and lizards, these are just the animals i have had him around to know, i got him when he was 10 1/2 weeks old, is fully potty trained, indoor and is trained to use the bathroom in one area of our yard, he is trained to stay in the yard with fences open, although he likes indoors when its cold or wet, he has been camping will stay right by camp, follows a dirt bike or quad, he has been on a boat and on our water bikes, he is very happy doing nothing and hanging out in the house but can have the energy to be very active, has never chewed on toys or any of our things, he is fixed, he is a dark brindal with a white chest, some toes are white and a very thin blaze down the front of his nose, i am moving and cant take him with me, he is the best dog anyone could want, i couldnt have asked for a better dog with my son when he was born and has been his best friend for the past few years, please call if you would like to meet him. to a good home only!
I have also included a pic of his dad which was a boxer im not sure what his mother was, my mom has his dad.

thore boxer mix

thores dad full blood boxer

thore playing with his friend willy

another pic of his dad

thore and his dad when he was a pup

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