Monday, April 4, 2011

Our New Goat - Sugar

Below is her KSL ad

$50 - 75
baby nigerian dwarves
Roy, UT   84067   -   Mar 31, 2011
I have 3 babies, 1 girl 2 boys. All dehorned and castrated. Really cute. Purebred, though not registered. I'm in Roy. Call or text me they will be 8 weeks on april 21st
Contact Name: Shawnna

Angelic decided she wanted to use her baby sitting money to buy a goat.  The other girls decided that they wanted to buy bunnies.  I found a cute doeling on KSL and asked the girls if they wanted to all go in together to get her.  They all squealed in delight.  I told them to count up their money.  They had $40 in ones, and $10 in coins.

I texted Papa and asked him "if the kids like the goat can they pay their money as a down payment?  They have $40 and the goat will cost $75, we can then have them do jobs for more $."

He texted back "Is there even the slightest possibility that the kids WONT like the goat... That goat could stink like a wind off the lake. and be bristling with cactus spines and they will be asking to sleep with it.   Curious needs to buy us a blind for our room. other than that go ahead i guess. ... i draw the line at lake stink tho."

So off we were to Roy and this was my face book post.  "My kids want to combine their money and put a $49 down payment on a baby goat that costs $75 and can not leave its mom until the 21st. Now off for an hour drive to see if they like the little doeling."

Of course it was love at first sight.  We were so enchanted we forgot to take a picture.  We loaded up and drove away... then remembered and went back and got cute photos.  Shawnna had already put the little goats back in the yard so we had quite the game of chase trying to catch her again.  Thankfully Shawnna was a young teenage 4H girl who loves her goats and enjoyed all the fun of kid chasing them.