Saturday, December 15, 2012

#8 Project Log 12/15 - 12/21

  • Organised the Old Office
  • Cleaned out Storage room
  • Moved food storage buckets
  • Organised upstairs bucket closet
  • Shampooed frontroom carpet
  • Put up the Christmas tree
  • Cleaned Frontroom
  • Found/ bought Christmas tree stuff
  • Went VTing

  • Learning Logs
  • Christmas stars
  • Shampoo Couches
  • Shampoo S's bedroom
  • Clean family room
  • Get Dryer fixed
  • Make fudge
  • Finish Christmas Shopping

Sunday, December 9, 2012

#7 Project Log 12/8 - 12/14

  • Painted front door
  • Paint front room trim around door
  • Made wreaths
  • Decorated rosemary tree
  • Planted rosemary tree
  • fixed rosemary pots
  • Cut down part of  the bush by garage
  • Planned food
  • Started tree stars
  • Decorated the front yard for Christmas
  • Got food
  • Organised the can cupboard
  • Organised the corner cupboard
  • Purchased Christmas gifts
  • Order a dumpster
  • Paint more on deck
  • Talk to Swing Set Company
  • Get food
  • Clean Family room
  • Organize storage room
  • Move buckets
  • Set up Christmas tree
  • Clean front room

Saturday, December 1, 2012

#6 Project Log 12/1 - 12/7


  • Clean garbage off of the deck
  • Clean garbage out of the back yard
  • Papa get Power Washer 
  • Throw stuff back into S's closet
  • Mint fudge made
  • Peanut butter fudge made
  • Washed off Swingset deck
  • Paint first coat on Swingset deck
Kids Completed Saturday work
  • Clean Frontroom
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Clean Hall
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Sweep Kitchen

Christmas to get ready Plans
  • Move bins
  • Clean family room
  • Clean front room
  • set up tree
  • Plan food 
  • Make more fudge raspberry, orange, strawberry, lime, standard
  • make Christmas stars
House Organization Plans
  • Box up old office
  • Stack up the boxes
  • Move Laundry bags into the old office
  • Lock the old office
  • Clean Storage room
  • Schedule with  to get buckets moved
  • Sweep Family Room into a pile

Friday, November 23, 2012

#5 Project Log 11/24 - 11/30

Finished Projects for this week
  • on the deck Figure out how many boards are black
  • Church clothes
  • Clean Frontroom
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean Hall
  • Make pies 2-3
  • Wash working dishes
  • bag up things Laundery I am getting rid of
  • Bag of landry I am keeping
  • Clean Laundry room
  • WM - Buy new can opener
  • Doctors appointments for all the kids
  • W's appointments for his finger

Things I want to get done soon

Swingset Deck Saturday
  • HD -Buy more Standard Carpet Shampoo
  • WM - Buy 5 min timmer
  • WM - Buy bed cover
Ready for Sunday
  • I got all of these done
After Deck Dries
  • Monday Morning- Sand Deck?
  • Monday Morning - Preppaint the back of the deck
  • let dry
  • Put down tarp, flip over the deck
  • Monday Evening - Prep paint the sides and the cracks
  • let dry
  • Tuesday Morning - Paint one coat of liquid armor
  • let dry
  • Tuesday Evening - Paint 2nd coat of liguid armor
While back sided is drying on Monday
  • Measure long boards for front of house
  • Cut long boards
  • Sand boards where needed
  • Paint boards on one side
Last Rosemary
  • Drill holes in the bottom of the pot
  • Put it on the water pan
  • Fill with rocks in the bottom
  • Plant the Rosemary
Getting Ready for Dryer fix
  • Clean downstairs hall
  • Clean down stairs family room
Getting Ready for Moving Buckets
  • Keeping laundry goes in the family room
  • Getting rid of laundry goes in the old office
  • Wash and Dry Laundry with reminder alarms
  • Bag up laundry to get rid of and take it straight to the van
  • Clean storage room
  • Call Wade to help move buckets
Cleaning Carpets
  • Sweep Stairs
  • Clean the Stairs
  • Put spot softeners on the tough parts to come back to
  • Clean Frontroom
  • Shampoo Frontroom
  • Clean S's Room
  • Put a cover on S's Bed
  • Wash all S's Bedding
  • Sort S's Closet as keep and get rid of
  • Keeps go in the Storage room
  • Get rid of goes to the DI
  • Shampoo S's Floor
  • Clean C&A's floor
  • Wash C&A's Bedding
  • Make Beds
  • Clean Front room Rug
  • Clean Family room Rug
  • Clean E's Room
  • Clean E's Bedding
  • Wash E's Floor
  • Keep S covered
  • Train Dogs
Distant Future Plans

Repaint Back Deck
  • Clear off Deck
  • Power Wash Deck
  • tape over roof/ board edges or get flat metal protector
  • Prep Paint High Spots in last color
  • Prep paint cracks in gray
  • Paint Deck Boards coat 1 gray
  • Paint Deck Boards coat 2 gray

Saturday, November 17, 2012

#4 Project Log 11/17 - 11/23

Things we got done this week
  • Move swing set to the back yard
  • Cover cooler
  • Clean back yard
  • Fill in the dog holes in the back yard
  • Found hole digger rental at homedepot
  • Put down weed cloth and rocks by hose
  • Pulled out old weed plastic and rocks
  • Planned food for two weeks
  • Plant irises
  • Plant Blueberry plants
  • find/ price welder
  • call back swing company
  • Plan swing set
  • Help cousins move book shelf
  • Help cousins clean
  • Tarp gate panel
  • Defrost Turkey
  • Make Brownie Pie
  • Make Fudge
  • Make Trifle
Things I hope to get done tonight, Friday the last night of the Project week
  • Learning Logs
Things I hope to do today Saturday (rain interrupted me and I could not do all of this)
  • Plant Alliums
  • Buy mineral block
  • Set up goat waterer
  • Set up dog feeder
  • Buy hay
  • insulate goat house
 Things needed to be done soon
I got them all done!

Monday, November 12, 2012

#3 Project Log 11/10- 11/16

Things I got done this week, Starting on Saturday.
  • Shovel walks
  • Shovel neighbors walks
  • Put screens back in windows.
  • Get church clothes
  • Confirm if I am substituting tomorrow or not.
  • Straighten Frontroom and Front hall
  • Stand up goat house
  • Find other stapler, get stapler working
  • Finish Shaving W's hair
  • Do Learning Logs for week 8 and 9
  • Move Goat House
  • Fence off Garden
  • Measure Play Yard
  • Update home model
  • Planned Swingset placement
  • Planned Front yard garden
  • Planned Chicken management
  • Researched chicken breeds.   I like Speckeled Suzssex and Orpington.
  • Purchased hoof timmers
  • Purchased light fixture, light bulb.
  • Buy paint plastic
  • Buy premixed cement
  • Spackle tops of pots.
  • Purchase potting soil
  • Call on swingset install
  • Purchas last of flower bulbs
  • Drill holes in flower pots
  • Fill with potting soil 
  • Plant Rosemary plants.

Plans - Finish Projects in whole so I see the successes

Winter Ready Animals
  • Hay (Buy)
  • Mineral block (Buy)
  • Find/ Buy Water jug and Bucket set up. (Buy?)
  • Finish insulating house
  • Remove chicken perches
  • Cover with a tarp
  • Secure the Tarp.
  • Set up water
  • Plug in water
  • Put Jets dog house back
  • Wash Jets mat
  • Finish cutting all the wood
  • Spread out paint tarp in out building
  • paint all the boards
  • The Paint dry
  • Nail boards together
  • Figure out how to mount them to the house.
Rosemary Plants
  • Tomato cage covers? (Buy)
Door Mat
  • Brush paint blue
  • Spray paint in gloss
Things to do if the snow clears
  • Plant bulbs
  • Plant bushes
  • Research bushes
  • Put edging on iris bed
  • Put down weed cloth by the water spout
  • Roll up hoses.
  • Put down rocks or bricks by water spout.

Monday, November 5, 2012

#2 Project Log 11/03- 11/09

Things I got done this week

  • Water the Rosemary
  • Clean the fence line, Kids fill garbage  bags
  • Clean the small back yard pile
  • Clean back yard pile by the deck
  • Clean the Large back yard pile
  • Clean dog run
  • Organize deck
  • Introduce dogs to goats
  • Clean out van
  • fix Jet's dog house
  • Start winterizing the goat house
  • Price Cement for Swing set
  • Price Swing set Replacement parts
  • Hung Shades
  • Made temporary shades
  • Got monkey bars for swing set
  • Washed down outside of the house
  • Washed down outside windows

Things I wanted to do on Saturday but did not get done
  • Run a load to the DI
  • Saw more wood to the right length
  • Help kids list fish on KSL
  • Finish fixing goat house
  • Move some of the swing set parts out of being a triping hazard
  • Paint the shutters
  • Spray paint the welcome mat blue
  • Start cleaning out garage by sending chairs and bikes to the out building
  • Load the van with one load for the DI
  • Send more stuff out to the junk pile.
  • Load the van for the D.I.
  • Check the P.O. Box early
  • Go to the bank before 1pm
  • Clean the Frontroom, Front hall and Kitchen
  • Clean family room
  • Clear laundry room floor
  • Clear hall

Things I wanted to do that I don't get done last week.
  • Assemble Shutters
  • Cement the decorative top of the Rosemary pots
  • Buy a come along
  • put up the east side fence
  • Prepare the front door for painting
  • Paint the front door
  • Have the neighbors over to see their goat Daisy
  • Make a Technology Worksheet
  • Make a Natural Resources Worksheet
  • Buy more paper
  • Get water tester for fish
  • Cut up junk trees into fire wood
  • Bring fire wood in to dry in garage.

Things that might not get done this year because of snow
  • Repot the Rosemary
  • Plant the Irises
  • Make block/ plastic edging for Iris bed
  • Pick final Layout spot for the Swing set
  • Start digging fence holes
  • Drill holes in the Rosemary pots
  • Weed whack the front yard
  • Till front yard and rope off garden sections
  • Buy more irises
  • Buy purple onion flowers
  • Fill in dog holes
  • Put up swing set

#1 Project Log 10/27 - 11/02

I have been enjoying the Learning Logs we have been doing for My Tech.  I love the fact that it keeps track of all the good we do.  I find myself overwhelmed with projects and wanting to instantly complete ten different projects at once.  Because of this I have decided to keep a project log.  It may die down because I do not have the same deadline as I have with My Tech.  But I think it will help me right now.

  • Hauled cement blocks out of the neighbors yard.
  • Hauled our new industrial swing set out of the neighbors yard.
  • Figured out layout of the new swing set, found it online
  • Made a new cinder block stand for the goat
  • taught the dogs to walk on a drag
  • Took the dogs to Wetland park
  • Set a new fish tank
  • Got new wood for outdoor shutters
  • Got two new Rosemanry Trees for the porch
  • Children sawed the boards to the correct sizes
  • Bought a new carpet cleaner
  • Planted over 100 bulbs in the front yard

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Four Day Stage Ground Beef Meals, Inspired by the Great Depression.

Four days of Ground Beef

Day One: Beef Stew.

Brown together enough beef and onions for four meals in a large stew pot.

Scoop out the ground beef for three meals, be careful to leave all the extra drippings and beef fat in the stew pot along with one meals worth of ground beef.  Store the extra beef in ziploc bags until you are ready to use it

Next add  stew veggies, water and seasonings into the pot to make beef stew.  After a while the extra beef fat will float to the top of the stew pot.  Skim the extra fat off the top of the beef stew.

Save the extra beef fat in a mason jar.  You will use it for the next recipe.  Save one Mason jar full of beef fat and stew broth.  Your jar will have a much higher percent of beef fat then this photo.  Let the mason jar of beef fat cool on your counter without the lid.  After you are done eating check to see if the mason jar is cool enough to put into the fridge.

Your traditional ground beef stew will look somewhat like this. 

Day Two: Different Versions of Beef Stew

You could have more then one day of beef stew.  Have traditional beef stew on the first day.  Then add Russian or Mexican ingredients on the second day to totally change the flavor.

If you want some variety you can make Russian Borscht sometimes instead of beef stew.  This is easily done by adding two large washed diced beets, a half a head of cabbage (or less) and two cans of diced tomatoes to the other ingredients you already include in your beef stew.  Just this little change of ingredients will make the meal taste totally different.

Another option is to add canned beans, corn, peppers, and Mexican seasonings to your beef stew to make a Mexican Stew Variation.

Day Three:  Baked Potatoes, Gravy and Veggies.

Wash enough potatoes for one meal.  Stab the potatoes several times.  Place potatoes in oven to bake.

Prepare and steam enough veggies for one meal.  Either steamed cabbage or steamed carrots work great.

Pour the jar of beef stock and fat into a sauce pan.  

Slowly add flour to the stock to make a roux.  Let the roux brown for a few minuets.  

Then slowly pour milk into your roux, being careful to break up all lumps with a fork as you go.  Season this gravy to taste.   Add in a bag of browned hamburger to complete your hamburger gravy.

Your meal will look somewhat like this with a nice side of veggies also.

Day Four: Many Options

Use your precooked ground beef to make other quick ground beef meals.  How about Dump Chili from canned beans and Spaghetti, these are two of the easiest meals to make.

Three Day Stage Chicken Meals, Inspired by the Great Depression.

Three Days of Chicken

Day One:  Baked Chicken, Potatoes, Gravy and a side of Veggies.

Place enough chicken for three meals in baking pans.  Optional, sprinkle your choice of seasonings over the chicken.  Bake Chicken until done.

Wash enough potatoes for one and a half meals.  Stab the potatoes several times.  Place potatoes in oven to bake along with the chicken.

Prepare and steam enough veggies for two meals.  Either steamed cabbage or steamed carrots work great.

After chicken is done baking, pour chicken drippings into a sauce pan to make a gravy. Slowly add flour to the chicken drippings to make a roux.  Let the roux brown for a few minuets.  

  Then slowly pour milk into your roux, being careful to break up all lumps with a fork as you go.  Season this gravy to taste. Make allot more gravy then you would expect to eat in one meal.

Dinner will look somewhat like this, with a little more veggies and allot more gravy.

Day Two:  Chicken Stew

left over gravy and veggies into a stew pot.  Skin left over baked potatoes,  place them in the pot, they will break down in the stew and give it more body.  Add more stewing veggies.  Fill the pot with water, boil and season to taste.  Make more stew then you can eat in one setting.

Day Three: Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie

Use biscuit mix to mix together some biscuit batter.  Pour the leftover stew into a baking pan.  Dollop biscuit batter over the top of the stew.  Bake the pot pie until done.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Smurfs for Halloween 2011

I never posted a Smurf picture on the blog of last Halloween's costumes.  We were smurfs.

Angelic was Smurfette.
Tumbelina was Sporty Smurfette.
Hugs was Sasette Smurf.
Curious was Handy Smurf.
And Baby was of course Baby Smurf.

Maybe I will find more pictures and post them too.