Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Four Day Stage Ground Beef Meals, Inspired by the Great Depression.

Four days of Ground Beef

Day One: Beef Stew.

Brown together enough beef and onions for four meals in a large stew pot.

Scoop out the ground beef for three meals, be careful to leave all the extra drippings and beef fat in the stew pot along with one meals worth of ground beef.  Store the extra beef in ziploc bags until you are ready to use it

Next add  stew veggies, water and seasonings into the pot to make beef stew.  After a while the extra beef fat will float to the top of the stew pot.  Skim the extra fat off the top of the beef stew.

Save the extra beef fat in a mason jar.  You will use it for the next recipe.  Save one Mason jar full of beef fat and stew broth.  Your jar will have a much higher percent of beef fat then this photo.  Let the mason jar of beef fat cool on your counter without the lid.  After you are done eating check to see if the mason jar is cool enough to put into the fridge.

Your traditional ground beef stew will look somewhat like this. 

Day Two: Different Versions of Beef Stew

You could have more then one day of beef stew.  Have traditional beef stew on the first day.  Then add Russian or Mexican ingredients on the second day to totally change the flavor.

If you want some variety you can make Russian Borscht sometimes instead of beef stew.  This is easily done by adding two large washed diced beets, a half a head of cabbage (or less) and two cans of diced tomatoes to the other ingredients you already include in your beef stew.  Just this little change of ingredients will make the meal taste totally different.

Another option is to add canned beans, corn, peppers, and Mexican seasonings to your beef stew to make a Mexican Stew Variation.

Day Three:  Baked Potatoes, Gravy and Veggies.

Wash enough potatoes for one meal.  Stab the potatoes several times.  Place potatoes in oven to bake.

Prepare and steam enough veggies for one meal.  Either steamed cabbage or steamed carrots work great.

Pour the jar of beef stock and fat into a sauce pan.  

Slowly add flour to the stock to make a roux.  Let the roux brown for a few minuets.  

Then slowly pour milk into your roux, being careful to break up all lumps with a fork as you go.  Season this gravy to taste.   Add in a bag of browned hamburger to complete your hamburger gravy.

Your meal will look somewhat like this with a nice side of veggies also.

Day Four: Many Options

Use your precooked ground beef to make other quick ground beef meals.  How about Dump Chili from canned beans and Spaghetti, these are two of the easiest meals to make.

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