Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Three Day Stage Chicken Meals, Inspired by the Great Depression.

Three Days of Chicken

Day One:  Baked Chicken, Potatoes, Gravy and a side of Veggies.

Place enough chicken for three meals in baking pans.  Optional, sprinkle your choice of seasonings over the chicken.  Bake Chicken until done.

Wash enough potatoes for one and a half meals.  Stab the potatoes several times.  Place potatoes in oven to bake along with the chicken.

Prepare and steam enough veggies for two meals.  Either steamed cabbage or steamed carrots work great.

After chicken is done baking, pour chicken drippings into a sauce pan to make a gravy. Slowly add flour to the chicken drippings to make a roux.  Let the roux brown for a few minuets.  

  Then slowly pour milk into your roux, being careful to break up all lumps with a fork as you go.  Season this gravy to taste. Make allot more gravy then you would expect to eat in one meal.

Dinner will look somewhat like this, with a little more veggies and allot more gravy.

Day Two:  Chicken Stew

left over gravy and veggies into a stew pot.  Skin left over baked potatoes,  place them in the pot, they will break down in the stew and give it more body.  Add more stewing veggies.  Fill the pot with water, boil and season to taste.  Make more stew then you can eat in one setting.

Day Three: Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie

Use biscuit mix to mix together some biscuit batter.  Pour the leftover stew into a baking pan.  Dollop biscuit batter over the top of the stew.  Bake the pot pie until done.

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