Friday, November 23, 2012

#5 Project Log 11/24 - 11/30

Finished Projects for this week
  • on the deck Figure out how many boards are black
  • Church clothes
  • Clean Frontroom
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean Hall
  • Make pies 2-3
  • Wash working dishes
  • bag up things Laundery I am getting rid of
  • Bag of landry I am keeping
  • Clean Laundry room
  • WM - Buy new can opener
  • Doctors appointments for all the kids
  • W's appointments for his finger

Things I want to get done soon

Swingset Deck Saturday
  • HD -Buy more Standard Carpet Shampoo
  • WM - Buy 5 min timmer
  • WM - Buy bed cover
Ready for Sunday
  • I got all of these done
After Deck Dries
  • Monday Morning- Sand Deck?
  • Monday Morning - Preppaint the back of the deck
  • let dry
  • Put down tarp, flip over the deck
  • Monday Evening - Prep paint the sides and the cracks
  • let dry
  • Tuesday Morning - Paint one coat of liquid armor
  • let dry
  • Tuesday Evening - Paint 2nd coat of liguid armor
While back sided is drying on Monday
  • Measure long boards for front of house
  • Cut long boards
  • Sand boards where needed
  • Paint boards on one side
Last Rosemary
  • Drill holes in the bottom of the pot
  • Put it on the water pan
  • Fill with rocks in the bottom
  • Plant the Rosemary
Getting Ready for Dryer fix
  • Clean downstairs hall
  • Clean down stairs family room
Getting Ready for Moving Buckets
  • Keeping laundry goes in the family room
  • Getting rid of laundry goes in the old office
  • Wash and Dry Laundry with reminder alarms
  • Bag up laundry to get rid of and take it straight to the van
  • Clean storage room
  • Call Wade to help move buckets
Cleaning Carpets
  • Sweep Stairs
  • Clean the Stairs
  • Put spot softeners on the tough parts to come back to
  • Clean Frontroom
  • Shampoo Frontroom
  • Clean S's Room
  • Put a cover on S's Bed
  • Wash all S's Bedding
  • Sort S's Closet as keep and get rid of
  • Keeps go in the Storage room
  • Get rid of goes to the DI
  • Shampoo S's Floor
  • Clean C&A's floor
  • Wash C&A's Bedding
  • Make Beds
  • Clean Front room Rug
  • Clean Family room Rug
  • Clean E's Room
  • Clean E's Bedding
  • Wash E's Floor
  • Keep S covered
  • Train Dogs
Distant Future Plans

Repaint Back Deck
  • Clear off Deck
  • Power Wash Deck
  • tape over roof/ board edges or get flat metal protector
  • Prep Paint High Spots in last color
  • Prep paint cracks in gray
  • Paint Deck Boards coat 1 gray
  • Paint Deck Boards coat 2 gray

Saturday, November 17, 2012

#4 Project Log 11/17 - 11/23

Things we got done this week
  • Move swing set to the back yard
  • Cover cooler
  • Clean back yard
  • Fill in the dog holes in the back yard
  • Found hole digger rental at homedepot
  • Put down weed cloth and rocks by hose
  • Pulled out old weed plastic and rocks
  • Planned food for two weeks
  • Plant irises
  • Plant Blueberry plants
  • find/ price welder
  • call back swing company
  • Plan swing set
  • Help cousins move book shelf
  • Help cousins clean
  • Tarp gate panel
  • Defrost Turkey
  • Make Brownie Pie
  • Make Fudge
  • Make Trifle
Things I hope to get done tonight, Friday the last night of the Project week
  • Learning Logs
Things I hope to do today Saturday (rain interrupted me and I could not do all of this)
  • Plant Alliums
  • Buy mineral block
  • Set up goat waterer
  • Set up dog feeder
  • Buy hay
  • insulate goat house
 Things needed to be done soon
I got them all done!

Monday, November 12, 2012

#3 Project Log 11/10- 11/16

Things I got done this week, Starting on Saturday.
  • Shovel walks
  • Shovel neighbors walks
  • Put screens back in windows.
  • Get church clothes
  • Confirm if I am substituting tomorrow or not.
  • Straighten Frontroom and Front hall
  • Stand up goat house
  • Find other stapler, get stapler working
  • Finish Shaving W's hair
  • Do Learning Logs for week 8 and 9
  • Move Goat House
  • Fence off Garden
  • Measure Play Yard
  • Update home model
  • Planned Swingset placement
  • Planned Front yard garden
  • Planned Chicken management
  • Researched chicken breeds.   I like Speckeled Suzssex and Orpington.
  • Purchased hoof timmers
  • Purchased light fixture, light bulb.
  • Buy paint plastic
  • Buy premixed cement
  • Spackle tops of pots.
  • Purchase potting soil
  • Call on swingset install
  • Purchas last of flower bulbs
  • Drill holes in flower pots
  • Fill with potting soil 
  • Plant Rosemary plants.

Plans - Finish Projects in whole so I see the successes

Winter Ready Animals
  • Hay (Buy)
  • Mineral block (Buy)
  • Find/ Buy Water jug and Bucket set up. (Buy?)
  • Finish insulating house
  • Remove chicken perches
  • Cover with a tarp
  • Secure the Tarp.
  • Set up water
  • Plug in water
  • Put Jets dog house back
  • Wash Jets mat
  • Finish cutting all the wood
  • Spread out paint tarp in out building
  • paint all the boards
  • The Paint dry
  • Nail boards together
  • Figure out how to mount them to the house.
Rosemary Plants
  • Tomato cage covers? (Buy)
Door Mat
  • Brush paint blue
  • Spray paint in gloss
Things to do if the snow clears
  • Plant bulbs
  • Plant bushes
  • Research bushes
  • Put edging on iris bed
  • Put down weed cloth by the water spout
  • Roll up hoses.
  • Put down rocks or bricks by water spout.

Monday, November 5, 2012

#2 Project Log 11/03- 11/09

Things I got done this week

  • Water the Rosemary
  • Clean the fence line, Kids fill garbage  bags
  • Clean the small back yard pile
  • Clean back yard pile by the deck
  • Clean the Large back yard pile
  • Clean dog run
  • Organize deck
  • Introduce dogs to goats
  • Clean out van
  • fix Jet's dog house
  • Start winterizing the goat house
  • Price Cement for Swing set
  • Price Swing set Replacement parts
  • Hung Shades
  • Made temporary shades
  • Got monkey bars for swing set
  • Washed down outside of the house
  • Washed down outside windows

Things I wanted to do on Saturday but did not get done
  • Run a load to the DI
  • Saw more wood to the right length
  • Help kids list fish on KSL
  • Finish fixing goat house
  • Move some of the swing set parts out of being a triping hazard
  • Paint the shutters
  • Spray paint the welcome mat blue
  • Start cleaning out garage by sending chairs and bikes to the out building
  • Load the van with one load for the DI
  • Send more stuff out to the junk pile.
  • Load the van for the D.I.
  • Check the P.O. Box early
  • Go to the bank before 1pm
  • Clean the Frontroom, Front hall and Kitchen
  • Clean family room
  • Clear laundry room floor
  • Clear hall

Things I wanted to do that I don't get done last week.
  • Assemble Shutters
  • Cement the decorative top of the Rosemary pots
  • Buy a come along
  • put up the east side fence
  • Prepare the front door for painting
  • Paint the front door
  • Have the neighbors over to see their goat Daisy
  • Make a Technology Worksheet
  • Make a Natural Resources Worksheet
  • Buy more paper
  • Get water tester for fish
  • Cut up junk trees into fire wood
  • Bring fire wood in to dry in garage.

Things that might not get done this year because of snow
  • Repot the Rosemary
  • Plant the Irises
  • Make block/ plastic edging for Iris bed
  • Pick final Layout spot for the Swing set
  • Start digging fence holes
  • Drill holes in the Rosemary pots
  • Weed whack the front yard
  • Till front yard and rope off garden sections
  • Buy more irises
  • Buy purple onion flowers
  • Fill in dog holes
  • Put up swing set

#1 Project Log 10/27 - 11/02

I have been enjoying the Learning Logs we have been doing for My Tech.  I love the fact that it keeps track of all the good we do.  I find myself overwhelmed with projects and wanting to instantly complete ten different projects at once.  Because of this I have decided to keep a project log.  It may die down because I do not have the same deadline as I have with My Tech.  But I think it will help me right now.

  • Hauled cement blocks out of the neighbors yard.
  • Hauled our new industrial swing set out of the neighbors yard.
  • Figured out layout of the new swing set, found it online
  • Made a new cinder block stand for the goat
  • taught the dogs to walk on a drag
  • Took the dogs to Wetland park
  • Set a new fish tank
  • Got new wood for outdoor shutters
  • Got two new Rosemanry Trees for the porch
  • Children sawed the boards to the correct sizes
  • Bought a new carpet cleaner
  • Planted over 100 bulbs in the front yard