Monday, November 5, 2012

#1 Project Log 10/27 - 11/02

I have been enjoying the Learning Logs we have been doing for My Tech.  I love the fact that it keeps track of all the good we do.  I find myself overwhelmed with projects and wanting to instantly complete ten different projects at once.  Because of this I have decided to keep a project log.  It may die down because I do not have the same deadline as I have with My Tech.  But I think it will help me right now.

  • Hauled cement blocks out of the neighbors yard.
  • Hauled our new industrial swing set out of the neighbors yard.
  • Figured out layout of the new swing set, found it online
  • Made a new cinder block stand for the goat
  • taught the dogs to walk on a drag
  • Took the dogs to Wetland park
  • Set a new fish tank
  • Got new wood for outdoor shutters
  • Got two new Rosemanry Trees for the porch
  • Children sawed the boards to the correct sizes
  • Bought a new carpet cleaner
  • Planted over 100 bulbs in the front yard

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