Monday, November 5, 2012

#2 Project Log 11/03- 11/09

Things I got done this week

  • Water the Rosemary
  • Clean the fence line, Kids fill garbage  bags
  • Clean the small back yard pile
  • Clean back yard pile by the deck
  • Clean the Large back yard pile
  • Clean dog run
  • Organize deck
  • Introduce dogs to goats
  • Clean out van
  • fix Jet's dog house
  • Start winterizing the goat house
  • Price Cement for Swing set
  • Price Swing set Replacement parts
  • Hung Shades
  • Made temporary shades
  • Got monkey bars for swing set
  • Washed down outside of the house
  • Washed down outside windows

Things I wanted to do on Saturday but did not get done
  • Run a load to the DI
  • Saw more wood to the right length
  • Help kids list fish on KSL
  • Finish fixing goat house
  • Move some of the swing set parts out of being a triping hazard
  • Paint the shutters
  • Spray paint the welcome mat blue
  • Start cleaning out garage by sending chairs and bikes to the out building
  • Load the van with one load for the DI
  • Send more stuff out to the junk pile.
  • Load the van for the D.I.
  • Check the P.O. Box early
  • Go to the bank before 1pm
  • Clean the Frontroom, Front hall and Kitchen
  • Clean family room
  • Clear laundry room floor
  • Clear hall

Things I wanted to do that I don't get done last week.
  • Assemble Shutters
  • Cement the decorative top of the Rosemary pots
  • Buy a come along
  • put up the east side fence
  • Prepare the front door for painting
  • Paint the front door
  • Have the neighbors over to see their goat Daisy
  • Make a Technology Worksheet
  • Make a Natural Resources Worksheet
  • Buy more paper
  • Get water tester for fish
  • Cut up junk trees into fire wood
  • Bring fire wood in to dry in garage.

Things that might not get done this year because of snow
  • Repot the Rosemary
  • Plant the Irises
  • Make block/ plastic edging for Iris bed
  • Pick final Layout spot for the Swing set
  • Start digging fence holes
  • Drill holes in the Rosemary pots
  • Weed whack the front yard
  • Till front yard and rope off garden sections
  • Buy more irises
  • Buy purple onion flowers
  • Fill in dog holes
  • Put up swing set

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