Friday, November 23, 2012

#5 Project Log 11/24 - 11/30

Finished Projects for this week
  • on the deck Figure out how many boards are black
  • Church clothes
  • Clean Frontroom
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean Hall
  • Make pies 2-3
  • Wash working dishes
  • bag up things Laundery I am getting rid of
  • Bag of landry I am keeping
  • Clean Laundry room
  • WM - Buy new can opener
  • Doctors appointments for all the kids
  • W's appointments for his finger

Things I want to get done soon

Swingset Deck Saturday
  • HD -Buy more Standard Carpet Shampoo
  • WM - Buy 5 min timmer
  • WM - Buy bed cover
Ready for Sunday
  • I got all of these done
After Deck Dries
  • Monday Morning- Sand Deck?
  • Monday Morning - Preppaint the back of the deck
  • let dry
  • Put down tarp, flip over the deck
  • Monday Evening - Prep paint the sides and the cracks
  • let dry
  • Tuesday Morning - Paint one coat of liquid armor
  • let dry
  • Tuesday Evening - Paint 2nd coat of liguid armor
While back sided is drying on Monday
  • Measure long boards for front of house
  • Cut long boards
  • Sand boards where needed
  • Paint boards on one side
Last Rosemary
  • Drill holes in the bottom of the pot
  • Put it on the water pan
  • Fill with rocks in the bottom
  • Plant the Rosemary
Getting Ready for Dryer fix
  • Clean downstairs hall
  • Clean down stairs family room
Getting Ready for Moving Buckets
  • Keeping laundry goes in the family room
  • Getting rid of laundry goes in the old office
  • Wash and Dry Laundry with reminder alarms
  • Bag up laundry to get rid of and take it straight to the van
  • Clean storage room
  • Call Wade to help move buckets
Cleaning Carpets
  • Sweep Stairs
  • Clean the Stairs
  • Put spot softeners on the tough parts to come back to
  • Clean Frontroom
  • Shampoo Frontroom
  • Clean S's Room
  • Put a cover on S's Bed
  • Wash all S's Bedding
  • Sort S's Closet as keep and get rid of
  • Keeps go in the Storage room
  • Get rid of goes to the DI
  • Shampoo S's Floor
  • Clean C&A's floor
  • Wash C&A's Bedding
  • Make Beds
  • Clean Front room Rug
  • Clean Family room Rug
  • Clean E's Room
  • Clean E's Bedding
  • Wash E's Floor
  • Keep S covered
  • Train Dogs
Distant Future Plans

Repaint Back Deck
  • Clear off Deck
  • Power Wash Deck
  • tape over roof/ board edges or get flat metal protector
  • Prep Paint High Spots in last color
  • Prep paint cracks in gray
  • Paint Deck Boards coat 1 gray
  • Paint Deck Boards coat 2 gray

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