Monday, November 12, 2012

#3 Project Log 11/10- 11/16

Things I got done this week, Starting on Saturday.
  • Shovel walks
  • Shovel neighbors walks
  • Put screens back in windows.
  • Get church clothes
  • Confirm if I am substituting tomorrow or not.
  • Straighten Frontroom and Front hall
  • Stand up goat house
  • Find other stapler, get stapler working
  • Finish Shaving W's hair
  • Do Learning Logs for week 8 and 9
  • Move Goat House
  • Fence off Garden
  • Measure Play Yard
  • Update home model
  • Planned Swingset placement
  • Planned Front yard garden
  • Planned Chicken management
  • Researched chicken breeds.   I like Speckeled Suzssex and Orpington.
  • Purchased hoof timmers
  • Purchased light fixture, light bulb.
  • Buy paint plastic
  • Buy premixed cement
  • Spackle tops of pots.
  • Purchase potting soil
  • Call on swingset install
  • Purchas last of flower bulbs
  • Drill holes in flower pots
  • Fill with potting soil 
  • Plant Rosemary plants.

Plans - Finish Projects in whole so I see the successes

Winter Ready Animals
  • Hay (Buy)
  • Mineral block (Buy)
  • Find/ Buy Water jug and Bucket set up. (Buy?)
  • Finish insulating house
  • Remove chicken perches
  • Cover with a tarp
  • Secure the Tarp.
  • Set up water
  • Plug in water
  • Put Jets dog house back
  • Wash Jets mat
  • Finish cutting all the wood
  • Spread out paint tarp in out building
  • paint all the boards
  • The Paint dry
  • Nail boards together
  • Figure out how to mount them to the house.
Rosemary Plants
  • Tomato cage covers? (Buy)
Door Mat
  • Brush paint blue
  • Spray paint in gloss
Things to do if the snow clears
  • Plant bulbs
  • Plant bushes
  • Research bushes
  • Put edging on iris bed
  • Put down weed cloth by the water spout
  • Roll up hoses.
  • Put down rocks or bricks by water spout.

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