Thursday, March 7, 2013

#11 Project Log 3/4 to 3/10

Plan out improvements for the home
Post on blog plans
Make visual reminders of plans
price materials
Priced cloth
HTer clean up
Measure Windows. Need about 60" wide and about 3 yards of cloth.

Fix tiller
Buy Slide
Pay for Component
Clean up garbage in the back before Component Playground
Schedule a Dumpster
Buy Dark Blue Paint
Sand Front Door
wax parts for distressing
Paint Front door Dark Blue
wax over blue for distressing
Quickly pait light blue over the dark blue
distress Door
Antique door
white wash door
gloss door
Cut all shutter wood
buy more sutter wod if needed
paitn shutters
aseemble shutters
buy wood for storage shelves
measure windows
buy cloth
clean family room
buy more cups and plates

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